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Punjabi Actress/model Ronica Singh Wiki, Biography, Age, Real Name, parents and family, Personal Details:

Ronica Singh is very popular and pretty face in Pollywood India. Ronica got viral on the net with first movie ‘Ramta Jogi’. Her first movie was gone super-hit on the box-office. After that her fan following growing nonstop. Ronica has started her modeling career as a model. Ronica Singh gives all praise whatever she is today to her parents and family. Ronica has finished her secondary education from St. Xavier’s School, Chandigarh. She mostly active in Pollywood industry last one years. Ronica is the big fan of Bollywood actor ‘Salman Khan’. Here is the small info about Ronica Singh.

Personal Details:
1. Name: Ronica Singh
2. Real Name: Ronica Singh
3. Height: 5’8
4. Weight: 56 KG
5. Occupation: Actress/Modeling
6. Marital Status: Unmarried
7. Boyfriend: N/A
8. Nationality: Indian citizen
9. Born: 17 November 1993
10. Birth Place: Punjab
11. Age: 22 Years
12. Hobbies: Dancing, Listening Music, Acting
13. Hair Color: Natural Brown

Social Profile:
1. Twitter:
2. FB ID:

Ramta Jogi

Ronica Singh HD Wallpapers Gallery

ronica-singh-hot-pics_1 ronica-singh-hot-pics_2 ronica-singh-hot-pics_3 ronica-singh-hot-pics_4 ronica-singh-hot-pics_5 ronica-singh-hot-pics_6 ronica-singh-hot-pics_7 ronica-singh-hot-pics_8 ronica-singh-hot-pics_9 ronica-singh-hot-pics_10 ronica-singh-hot-pics_11 ronica-singh-hot-pics_12 ronica-singh-hot-pics_13 ronica-singh-hot-pics_14 ronica-singh-hot-pics_15 ronica-singh-hot-pics_16 ronica-singh-hot-pics_17 ronica-singh-hot-pics_18 ronica-singh-hot-pics_19

Ronica Singh Family Pics : Ramta Jogi Pics/Wallpapers

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