‘Ichapyaari Nagin’ actress Priyal Gor Unseen Pics

About Priyal Gor:

Priyal Gor is an Indian TV actress, who works in TV and Movies. She was born on 2/11/1994 and was carried up in Mumbai. She has studied in Arts College. She is best known for her act as Manyata/Moniya in “Dekha Ek Khwaab”. About Priyal was also seen in the promo with Hritik Roshan for “Just Dance” on STAR Plus.

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Priyal Gor has looked in daily TV soaps like “Ammaji Ki Galli”, “Ram Milaayi Jodi”, “Chalti Ka Naam Gaadi” and many more TV serial. Priyal Gor has joined in the Pakistani show “Madventures”. In 2013 she made her film entrance with the Punjabi romantic comedy movie “Just U & Me” and Telugu debut in 2014 movie “Saheba Subramanyam”. Priyal Gor was seen in super-hit Malayalam movie “Anarkali”. Now, she is seen in SAB Tv’s comedy show “Icchapyari Naagin”.

Priyal Gor , DOB, Wiki, family, boyfriend, Height & Weight

Full Name : Priyal Gor
DOB : 2 November 1994
Native Birth Place : Mumbai, (Maharashtra)
Age : 21 Years
Height : 5’4″
Occupation: Actress/Modeling
Zodiac Sign : Scorpion
First Serial : Ram Milaye Jodi

Priyal Gor In Icchapyari Naagin

SAB TV’s Channel new TV series Icchapyari Naagin helmed by Siddharth Malhotra beneath his banner Alchemy Productions. She complete reply with this project. Priyal Gor is seen in lead role opposed Mishkat Varma in the TV show.

Priyal Gor Actress Photos Hot Gallery

priyal-gor-ichchhapyaari-nagin-pics_1 priyal-gor-ichchhapyaari-nagin-pics_2 priyal-gor-ichchhapyaari-nagin-pics_3 priyal-gor-ichchhapyaari-nagin-pics_4 priyal-gor-ichchhapyaari-nagin-pics_5 priyal-gor-ichchhapyaari-nagin-pics_6 priyal-gor-ichchhapyaari-nagin-pics_7 priyal-gor-ichchhapyaari-nagin-pics_8 priyal-gor-ichchhapyaari-nagin-pics_9 priyal-gor-ichchhapyaari-nagin-pics_10 priyal-gor-ichchhapyaari-nagin-pics_11 priyal-gor-ichchhapyaari-nagin-pics_12 priyal-gor-ichchhapyaari-nagin-pics_13 priyal-gor-ichchhapyaari-nagin-pics_14 priyal-gor-ichchhapyaari-nagin-pics_15 priyal-gor-ichchhapyaari-nagin-pics_16 priyal-gor-ichchhapyaari-nagin-pics_17 priyal-gor-ichchhapyaari-nagin-pics_18 priyal-gor-ichchhapyaari-nagin-pics_19 priyal-gor-ichchhapyaari-nagin-pics_20 priyal-gor-ichchhapyaari-nagin-pics_21 priyal-gor-ichchhapyaari-nagin-pics_22 priyal-gor-ichchhapyaari-nagin-pics_23 priyal-gor-ichchhapyaari-nagin-pics_24 priyal-gor-ichchhapyaari-nagin-pics_25 priyal-gor-ichchhapyaari-nagin-pics_26 priyal-gor-ichchhapyaari-nagin-pics_27 priyal-gor-ichchhapyaari-nagin-pics_28 priyal-gor-ichchhapyaari-nagin-pics_29

Hot Priyal Gor in Saree

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